Your Future – Annual Guide

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Each month and each season impacts your life differently. This monthly guide will navigate you through the unforeseen challenges and opportunities that lie in the year ahead. Based on numerology and the many aspects of your Numbers, this guide will help you glimpse into the future so that you can be prepared.

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Numerology takes all of your names, past and present, into account. If you have a middle name, or your last name has changed since birth, please enter them here.

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Career Guide
Career Guide


Find success and start accelerating your career with this guide to your unique strengths you must cultivate and weaknesses you need to overcome. This guide reveals five vital aspects that affect your ability to achieve your career goals:

  • Talent:  Discover your special skill that has the power to shape your life and fulfill you.
  • Reflex:  Understand your natural response so that you can cultivate one that serves you.
  • Philosophy: Reveal the way you think.
  • Power:  Uncover how you react to adversity.
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Complete Life Guide
Complete Life Guide

For each of the key parts of your life, you will be given a number that will help you understand and fulfill your true potential journey: Understand the path you’re travelling on. Prepare yourself for challenges you will encounter and opportunities you will not want to miss.

  • Life Path: Describes the path you’re traveling on and the opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter.
  • Gift: Harness a special gift you’ve been given to help you along your journey.
  • Expression: Discover who you were born to be, what you were born to do, and what will bring you fulfillment.
  • Minor Expression: We all have a macro and micro passion. Find the true motivation and intention behind you actions, your inner hearts desire.
  • Heart’s Desire: Find your inner heart’s desire that guides your actions and dreams.
  • Minor Hearts Desire: Realize the knowledge to be gained on your path.
  • Personality: Reveal the public you – the person you are in the presence of others. This offers great insight into how others see and interact with you.
  • Karmic Lessons: Learn the unique lessons you need to learn so that you may recognize and break patterns that do not serve you.
  • Hidden Passions: Discover passions yet to be unlocked.
  • Maturity: Gain the knowledge you need to help you on your path.

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